Baccara - Remote Controlled X Ray Table

General Information


Baccara remote controlled table the Baccara has been designed to be the solution capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding practitioners. In addition to routine examinations, the Baccara enables angiography, peripheral angiography (stepping), DSA, phlebology as well as vascular and non vascular procedures.

Totally versatile and efficient in its conventional configuration, the Baccara has an automatic spot film device for cassettes up to 36x43 cm (with sub-divisions of 2/3/4 and 5 on large formats) permitting maximum coverage and precise diagnosis.

The Baccara can be equipped with Apelem's Flash digital system, which provides all the benefits of "digital", notably real time acquisition and the elimination of cassettes.

The Baccara can also be equipped with the full field dynamic detector the dRF 43, making it the ideal "all in one solution" for radiography, tomography, fluoroscopy and DSA.


Tilting Baccara (+90o/-20o) / Baccara VH (+90o/-25o) / Baccara (+90o / -90o)
Tilting speed with progressive starting 6o/sec
Rotation of x-ray tube +/- 180
Automatic Spot Film Device for cassettes up to 36x43 cm, in both directions
Divisions 2/3/4/5
Longitudinal movement of x-ray tube 170 cm
Variable focus-film distance (SID) 105 - 150 cm
Oblique projections +/- 40o with parallax corrections
Tomography in any position 8o/20o/40o, with 2 speeds/angle
Dimensions 246 x 74 cm
Table height 89 cm (75*-110 cm elevating)
Lateral movement of table-top +/- 15 cm
Max patient weight 165 kg (200 kg with limitations)



  • Carbon fiber table-top
  • Stepping mode for angiography
  • Longitudinal movement of table-top (+/- 75 cm)
  • Image intensifier lift
  • Digital imaging system Flash
  • Digital dynamic detector dFR 43

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