PTFE Coatings

General Information


Fort Wayne Metals provides PTFE1 based coatings and coating compositions on
wires for a variety of medical applications. LubriSkin™ and DuraSkin™2 PTFE dispersion coatings are applied to medical wires to increase lubricity and chemical
resistance. The proprietary spool-to-spool process employed delivers a lower coefficient of friction than spray coating techniques. LubriSkin is the preferred coating for coiling wire applications and mandrels. DuraSkin is recommended for coating SLT® wire, Fort Wayne Metals’ straight linear one-toone torque wire, which is used for PTCA guidewires and stylets.


This proprietary coating process produces a smooth, uniform coated wire for the production of guidewires. This process is unique in that the wire is coated before it is coiled. The resulting precoated guidewire has a consistent LubriSkin coating, unlike conventional spray coated guidewires that often encounter cracking and flaking of the coating.

LubriSkin coating is available in a variety of colors and on round or flat wire.


Our proprietary spool-to-spool process provides extremely uniform coating for medical device components. With excellent control over the coating  thickness, we are able to guarantee tight tolerances.

Typical products include dead-straight stylets for PTCA guidewires, guidewire cores and catheter stylets using our SLT wire. This wire provides excellent one-to-one torque properties.

These PTFE based coatings can be applied to our stainless steel range of alloys, our super alloys and to our Nitinol wires without compromising their elastic properties.

Please note our proprietary coating process increases the tensile strength of non-aged 304V by approximately 20ksi (140 MPa).

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