Philips HD6

General Information


The HD-6 replaces the HD-3 as the entry level ultrasound from Philips but is closer to the HD7 in feature depth. On the outside, the HD6 is almost identical to the HD7. It’s feature set lacks some of the higher end features like Sono CT, Xres, and Panoramic imaging, but otherwise is very similar.


Small Parts


15” LCD Monitor
2 probe ports
Anatomic M-Mode
i-SCAN [one-touch image optimization]
HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency]
Philips Microfine 2D focusing
Reconstructed zoom with pan (read zoom)
Philips high-definition zoom (write zoom)
Color compare mode
Duplex mode for simultaneous 2D and Doppler
Triplex mode for simultaneous 2D, Doppler, and color or CPA
2D optimization signal processing
THI [Tissue Harmonic Imaging]
Intelligent Doppler
Trapezoidal imaging
Contrast Imaging
Adaptive Doppler
3 USB ports
Composite video out port
B & W video out port
Ethernet port
S-video output port
Footswitch port
250 GB hard drive

Imaging modes

Color Doppler
Power Doppler
PW Doppler
Freehand 3D
Dual screen
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Directional Power Doppler
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