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HexaTech is  a leading Health Care IT company engaged in providing comprehensive solutions for effective management and handling  of health information across computerized systems and its secured exchange amongst consumers, service providers, government agencies , regulatory  entities and insurers. Health Information Technology is being increasingly viewed as the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety and efficiency of the healthcare delivery systems. Broad  based and consistent application of HIT will:

  • Increase Administrative Efficiencies and designing highly effective Healthcare Work Processes.
  • Systematic Management of Healthcare Records.
  • Rapid  Information Sharing
  • Lesser Dependence on Physical Records  / Documents.
  • Extend real-time  exchange of communication of health informatics amongst Healthcare professionals / consumers / service providers /government  and other agencies.
  • Meet all the recent regulatory & statutory requirements related to maintaining  and handling of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Why HexaTech ?

Healthcare IT System from HexaTech provides the benefits of 

  • Superior patient care with automated and intelligent flow of patient information ensuring less paperwork.
  • Easy adoption to changing technology an effective solution plan to reduce the costs of administration and clinical transactions.
  • Effective patient feedback reporting, recording  trend analysis of a patient's clinical data and treatment history resulting in improvised  clinical efficiency
  • Maintaining Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with user defined clinical history of patients along with Storage Facility of Patient scanned reports/ documents/ video clips and images.
  • Built in User based integrated Dynamic Report Generator with multi site reporting ability.
  • Improved Operational Control And Streamlining Operations
  • High-level Process Maturity.
  • Effective Financial Performance Monitoring and improved visibility
  • Powerful Administrative Module with security, user-wise rights assignment & Audit Trail.
  • Dashboards for Top Management.


  • MediSmart – Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • e-IVF – Fertility and IVF Clinic Management System
  • MediOrtho – Orthopedic Hospital Management System
  • MediGynec – Gynacology Hospital Management System
  • e-Gynec – Surrogacy and Gamete Bank Management System
  • MediPedic – Pediatric Hospital Management System
  • e-Dent – Dental Clinic Management System
  • SkinODocs – Dermatology and Cosmetology Portal

Mission & Vision

  • Improving business results through technology – enabled transformation solutions
  • Focuses on analyzing and understanding the requirements  suggesting effective and affordable solutions
  • HexaTech benefits streamlined operations, enhanced  administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.
  • Technology making your entire involvement as the Most Rewarding Investment for Future.
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