Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. What is Medi Cards ?

    "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

    As the Saying goes, we felt we needed a Buyers Guide focusing on one industry or a Vertical rather than like our Yellow Pages which focuses on every industry.

    A Buyers Guide

    Any Buying process is Complex, even more in the Health Care Industry, so we are trying to create a buyers guide for Indian Health Care Industry - Any Product or Service , the list of company Selling it, Contact Details of companies region wise.

    We Address Your Search

    For any Contact Details in this Healthcare Industry -Company, Hospital, Dealer, Distributor, Medical College, Training Institutes and Events. Medi Cards Will provide it.

  • 2. Why the name Medicards ?

    The Idea was to Collect Every Visiting Card (Business Card) in the Indian Health Care Industry and scan it and show it in the website, but a scanned image would not be searchable and get outdated, so the information in the card is show in text. But the name Medi Cards stayed on.

  • 3. The Vision ?

    Medi Cards Vision is to Provide Information about Products/ Services, Details about Companies, Dealers, Hospitals, Colleges, Events, Trade Shows related to Indian Healthcare Industry.

  • 4. Who are the Target Customers / Visitors for Medi Cards ?

    • Doctors
    • Hospital Administrators
    • Purchase Managers
    • Hospitals / Nursing Homes
    • Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company
    • Dealers / Distributors
    • Company Sales Rep / Marketing Managers
    • Bio Medical Engineers
    • Medical Colleges / Institutes
    • Nursing Colleges / Nursing Schools
    • Government Health Ministry Officials
    • Blood Bank / Diagnostic Labs
    • Medical Tourism Industry
  • 5. Does Medi Cards Sell Anything ?

    No, does not sell anything, its not a online shopping website.

  • 6. Why should I Register as a User ?

    Registration is not mandatory, every part of the website is free. Registered members get regular email updates from

  • 7. How will Medi Cards help Companies ?

    Medi Cards Info India is an Online Buyers Guide Directory for the HealthCare, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.

    Medicards will act as a Sales Lead Generating Tool for companies. Visitors can raise their enquiries, which will be forwarded to the companies.

    Companies can use Medi Cards as a marketing tool as Medi Cards focuses Exclusively on The Indian Healthcare Industry.

    Vist our company brochure at

  • 8. How can I update details about a Company / Products?

    Companies can Enroll into our Annual Membership Program

    Membership at includes

    Company page - Company Profile, Address, Branch Office Details, Contact Details

    Product/Services page - Details , Product Catalog Brochure (pdf file), Images

    Enquires - Visitors enquires will be forwarded to company's Email ID.

  • 9. Companies have their own website, why Medi ? is a Portal for Every Buyer and Seller in the Healthcare Vertical.

    Medical Professionals, Purchase Managers, Administrators, visit as it saves their time and provides information for their buying needs.

    Visitors will not have time to search each and every website and study about the product, so provides a platform for companies to promote their products in a detailed manner and reach their potential customer.

  • 10. There are lot of websites / directories , how is Medi different ? provides not just Addresses or List of Products or an Trade Enquiry Screen

    A Detailed Company Contacts page - Head Office, Branches, Dealers, Distributors and Sales Executive Details.

    A Detailed Product Page - Product Profile, Brochure PDF File, Demo, Specifications, Features.

    Other websites/ Directories focus on every industry , focuses exclusively on the Indian HealthCare Industry.

    So be Assured Medi Cards will focus and provide Valuable Information to every stakeholder in Indian Healthcare Industry.

  • 11. How do I place my Advertisements ? has lot of options to place advertisements according to the company's need.

  • 12. How do I contact / Reach Medi ?

    • Medi Cards Info India Pvt Ltd, 23,b,Ramakrishna Road, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636 007 India
    • 0427 4262474
    • 0427 2312325
    • 97894 61442 , 98943 41442
  • 13. More questions ?

    For more info - Contact Us Or reach us at

    We will be glad to do the needful.

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