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An exceptionally new concept in the satellite television era. While most of the TV channels are struggling amongst themselves in the field of entertainment, information and spirituality we have, come up with a new satellite television channel on HEALTH. The channel is called 7 Star CARE, which is on Thaicom Satellite having its foot print across 138 Countries expanding from Australia to South Africa. Being the only television channel on Health, it has penetrated into more than Twenty Million, Indian house holds. We have been receiving mails from across the border too establishing the High Viewvership of this channel. We have generated a new breed of satellite television viewers who are health conscious and it is amazing for the media watcher that how a niche channel has developed so fast. We are continuously broadcasting health related programs with various Doctors, Healers, in association with various Hospital across the country and of course many pharmaceuticals companies too. 24 hours programming devoted to health, has also been designed in such a way that no other television channel can do currently. While working on such innovative programming we have thought of addressing issues of Medical Tourism and Facilities available across the Asian Sub-Continent Though the technology and facilities have advanced in the sub-continent, most of the Indian Population is not aware of the same. We feel this would be one of the most important medium you would like to exploit and reach out to audience at large. 7 Star CARE the only 24 hours satellite TV channel on Health has set very strong viewvership not only in India but also in the Middle East, Pakistan, Nepal and African Countries. The up linking of this TV Channel is being done thru Shin Satellite (Thaicom) from VSNL Mumbai which can be received on frequency 3545 mhz, Vertical polorization with 26.667 symbolrate of Transponder 5G. Being a Free to air, 7 Star Care TV channel can be accessed by any one without any charge

Address :
Hari Om Chambers, 7th Floor, B-16,
Veera Ind. Estate, Off Link Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra-400 053
Phone :91-22-26733190, 91-22-26733191Fax :91 -22-26733189
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Contact Person:Mr.Ajith Guptha

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