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Cobas - C111

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General Information

Product Name : Fully Automated Clinical Analysers Brand Name : Cobas - C111 Website : Click Here to go to Product Page Company : Roche Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd 


Assay menu goes beyond basic clinical chemistry to include innovative parameters like whole blood HbA1c, high sensitive CRP, Tinaquant D-Dimer, Flexible workflow through sample by sample processing. Easy integration and prioritization of STAT samples, Provides the necessary throughput for workloads of up to 80 samples per day (approx. 90% of all reagents require calibration only once per lot). Faster turn-around time of critical care markers (5-11 min) improves response times for clinical intervention. With a on board capacity of up to 17 tests, the cobas c 111 analyzer can perform clinical indication panels for Cardiovascular risk, Diabetes care, or STAT panels.

Confidence and Safety

Uses same bulk reagents as larger cobas analyzers ensuring standardized patient results across a laboratory network. Traceability of results from manufacturing to reporting for regulatory compliance. Robust instrument design using proven performance critical parts from larger cobas analyzers (photometer, dosing unit, transfer head and reaction cuvettes) Result integrity through liquid level detection, tube bottom detector, liquid sensors and carry-over protection. Error-free data entry via barcode reader for samples, reagents, reagent applications, calibrators and controls.

Convenience and Comfort

Intuitive user interface for different operator skill and access levels. Installation and operator training requires less than one day Less than 10 min daily setup guided by the user interface Easy operation, only 3 steps to perform a result Continuous sample loading and unloading allows flexible organization fitting to the laboratory needs. Tailored reagent package size and average 4 week on board stability require only 2-4 tests per day for efficient usage, Stable reagents minimize calibration effort (90 % of the assays require only one calibration per lot).


  • Compact System offering Roche premium quality products now for XS workload needs.
  • 27 reagent channels for up to 14 assays on board plus 3 additional ISE applications.
  • Additional reagent channels are available using up to 8 reagent disks.
  • 8 sample position, continuous sample loading and unloading, use of primary and secondary tubes
  • True STAT capability, STAT samples can be placed at any time during routine operation and are processed within the next pipetting cycle.
  • Sample identification via barcode when a test is ordered.
  • Reagent identification through unique 2D barcode. Convenient and error-free installation of new or updated application data via barcode sheet.
  • Assay portfolio with more than 38 assays/applications of proven quality, results identical to those of larger Roche systems.
  • Liquid level detection and carry-over protection (intensified washing procedures) ensure result integrity.
  • Tube bottom detector for sample/reagent probe to ensure system integrity and low dead volumes.
  • Minimum time for system installation and operator training (1 day). Easy upgrade with optional ISE unit on site provides flexibility to react to changing laboratory testing requirements.
  • Host connectivity using ASTM protocol enables test requests for barcoded samples to be easily received from the LIS/HIS.

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