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Advanced Multi Mode Ventilator offered comes designed and developed using latest technology support and provides for easy usage support. Other than this, these ventilators also feature large color touch screen and com-wheel control for easier handling of the operations. Some of its features include providing support for volume and pressure ventilation; comes with single/dual waveform display; provide for multi-option and flexible usage; comes backed by ‘Life-Care’ or optional ‘Life-Care Plus’ warranty support. 

Product Details:

  • Multi mode function (volume, pressure control and spontaneous), inspiratory pause and inverse I:E ratio - provides the anesthetist with a wider range of solutions in his choice of the appropriate therapy for the patient
  • Compliance compensation - accurate volume delivery with all breathing circuits
  • Data print-out facility - comprehensive patient record keeping facility
  • Improved spirometry system - accurate, trouble-free confirmation of patient tidal volume
  • Single Autoclavable, Latex Free Bellows - suitable for adult and paediatric use
  • IEEE Data Outputs - for data integration
  • Oxygen or Air Powered - flexible specification to match hospital supply
  • 60 Minutes Battery Backup - patient safety ensured in the event of power failure

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