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To offer a safe provision of medical gases, we bring forth high efficiency Medical Gas Pipeline System. Our Medical Gas Pipeline is perfect to transfer the gases from one place to another, as it overcomes the problems pertaining to the use of cylinders.
Specifications for Installation of Medical Gases Pipeline System



Solid drawn, seamless, deoxidized, non arsenical, half hard, tempered and degreased materials conforming to BS-6017/1981, TABLE - 2 (Cu-DHP) and manufactured as per BS-2871/1971 Part-1 Table – X. (BS-EN-13348& BS- EN 1057).

All copper pipes will be inspected and certified by SGS Register of services (optional at extra cost) along with Manufacturer’s Test Certificate before dispatch and the pipe is delivered plugged or capped at both ends.


Pipe sizes to be used as under:


  • 76mm OD x 1.5 mm thick
  • 54mm OD x 1.2 mm thick
  • 42mm OD x 1.2 mm thick
  • 35mm OD x 1.2mm thick
  • 28mm OD x 0.9 mm thick
  • 22mm OD x 0.9 mm thick
  • 15mm OD x 0.8 mm thick
  • 12mm OD x 0.6 mm thick

All pipe jointing fittings are made of Copper as per BS 864 Standards and suitable for a steam of working pressure of 17 bars and especially made for brazed socket type connections.

Shut off valves (Imported from ITALY) suitable for the pipe diameter are of non lubricated 90 degree turn lever and having stainless steel hard chrome brass body with PTFE seat and S.S. ball. Sizes will be appropriate for copper pipes with screw threaded ends and brass adapter .All valves shall be pneumatically tested for twice the working pressure and degreased for medical gas service before supply.

To prevent access of unauthorized personnel, valve box are used for valves in specific areas.


Installation of piping shall be carried out with utmost cleanliness. Only pipes, fittings and valves which have been degreased and brought in polythene sealed bags shall be used at site. Pipe fixing clamps up to 76 mm diameter shall be non ferrous or non deteriorating plastic suitable for the diameter of the pipe. For the pipes of the sizes above 76 mm,rigid metallic hanging or cemented supports will be used.

All copper pipes and joints shall be joined by using flux less silver brazing method for copper to copper.

All pipes will be installed without springing or forcing. All pipes shall be protected against mechanical injury in a manner satisfactory to authorities having jurisdiction.

Test: After erection, all the pipes cleaned or purged with the help of dry nitrogen gas .And complete new system will be tested with dry nitrogen at 1 1/2 times of working pressure for 24 hours.

Painting: All existing and proposed exposed pipes will be painted with two coats of synthetic enamel paint & color codification as per IS-2379 of 1963. All concealed pipes to have gas identification bands / labels at appropriate distance..Similarly all pipes which need embedding in the wall will be properly tested/painted and labeled.

Certification: To be certified that pipes are suitable for the particular service and complete cross connection (anti-confusion) test to be carried out by us.


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