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Provide a cleaner and healthier environment with safe, transparent and durable Colossus ® T2 Germs X Antimicrobial Coating. Working 24/7/365, Colossus ® T2 Germs X uses innovative green photocatalytic chemistry to continuously kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores and reduce VOCs and odors.

Colossus ® T2 Germs X provides a self-cleaning hygienic surface that is effective indoors or out, and is easily and economically applied to virtually any new or existing surface, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, and textiles. Utilizing sunlight and/or typical interior lighting as its energy source, Colossus ® T2 Germs X is unique in that this cleaning action works even in visible or interior light, in the absence of Ultra Violet light required by other photocatalysts.

Colossus ® T2 Germs X is a powerful and persistent mineral oxidizer that is eco-friendly and sustainable with no environmental hazards. Colossus ® T2 Germs X is the most advanced functional coating available, safely providing non-stop broad spectrum antimicrobial protection and continuous pollutant and odour reduction in any environment.


  • Kills all types of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores
  • Acts as a bacteriostatic that inhibits bacterial growth through immobilization and also degrades all endotoxins resulting from bacteria death.
  • The spread of pathogens is also reduced due to the electrostatic binding at the surface.
  • It also kills dangerous spores such as Clostridium difficile and decomposes their toxins.
  • Mold and mildew growth is inhibited by this same continuous photo- mineralization.
  • Works constantly, does not wear out and does not require new material to be exposed in order to be effective. It is extremely durable and long lasting and the mineral catalyst is not lost or worn out.
  • It is not a diluted chemical poison (phenols and quaternaries), dangerous pesticide (Microban) or heavy metal (silver ions).
  • It does not cause resistant strains of microbes because its killing mechanism is strictly oxidative, not enzymic or antibiotic.
  • Is safe in all environments. There are no dangers of allergies, skin irritations or other deleterious effects.
  • Constantly working 24 hours a day to create an antiseptic surface.
  • It decompose Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous chemicals which come in contact with an Colossus ® T2 Germs X treated surface makes it a valuable tool in all environments, indoors and out, where air pollutants and harmful gases and odors are prevalent.
  • Works as a sunscreen on surfaces. The nano composite crystals in Colossus ® T2 Germs X are so small that they do not reflect most visible light, instead they strongly absorb damaging UV energy, particularly dangerous UV-B. Unlike the chemical sunscreens such as oxybenzone, a suspected carcinogen
  • Extremely small crystal size provides much more surface area for UV absorption helping reduce damage to plastics, paints and textiles. Colossus ® T2 Germs X works by absorbing ultraviolet rays and changing them into small amounts of heat which dissipate quickly without damaging the structure of coated surface
  • Provides a corrosion resistant oxide barrier when applied to metals. Through a process of passivation.
  • Act as a ‘wetting agent’ that helps water sheet off, instead of typical beading which leaves spots. The coating forms a very thin water film which easily runs off, taking dirt, oils and contaminants with it.

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