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Citric acid is a physiological acid that is rapidly metabolized. It has a long and safe history of use in medicine, most notably as an anticoagulant used in the collection and storage of blood for transfusion. Citic acid anticoagulates through the chemical binding of calcium. Citrate dialysate contains only a small fraction of the citric acid concentration used to anticoagulate blood, yet evidence shows it has mild anticoagulation properties that improve dialysis treatment.
Dry Citrasate
Advanced Renal Technologies provides an advanced dialysis Dry Citrasate (dialysate) formulation containing citric acid - the first major change in dialysate chemical composition in 30years.Product Overview
Product Overview
Dry Citrasate is a dry powdered version that can be mixed by the user to make A concentrate. The use of citric acid in the dialysate has been shown to be a safe and effective way to provide better dialysis therapy.Dry Citrasate
Dialysate Concentration
(Not incuding Component B)

Diluted 1.35.83
Sodium 80.3 (MEq/L)
Potassium 2.0 (MEq/L)
Calcium 3.0 (MEq/L)
Magnesium 1.0 (MEq/L)
Chloride (MEq/L)
Acetate 0.3 (MEq/L)
Citrate 2.6 (MEq/L)

Chemical Composition

Sodium Chloride   (I.P.) 172.19 (gms/L)
Potassium Chloride   (I.P.) 5.49 (gms/L)
Calcium Chloride   (I.P.) 8.12 (gms/L)
Magnesium Chloride (I.P.) 3.74 (gms/L)
Sodium Acetate   (I.P.) 1.50 (gms/L)
Citrasate   (I.P.) 6.13 (gms/L)

Product Benefits
Citrate dialysis has been shown to provide improved treatment for patients on routine long-term hemodialysis when compared to currently used dialysate formulations. Patients who appear to particularly benefit from citrate dialysate are those with dialyzer clotting or increased risk of bleeding problems. Patients in these two categories include:

1.those whose dialyzers clot despite large amounts of heparin
2.those who cannot use heparin, e.g., those with heparin antibodies
3.patients actively bleeding or who are at risk of hemorrhage.

Patient Benefits
•   Eliminates or Reduces Heparin need in RF patients
•   Reduces post - dialysis Bleeding
•   Increase dialysis dose Kt/V
•   Improves correction of Acidosis
•   Lowers dialysis related Inflammation

“Dialysate made from dry chemicals using citric acid increases dialysis doses” AMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES
“Fifty Five Percent Heparin Reduction is Safe with Citrate  Dialysate in Chronic Dialysis Patients” .. Robert J Kossmann, MD. Nephrophiles LLC, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"We changed to ART's citrate dialysate to treat a chronic ESRD patient who had heparin antibodies. Previously, when using regular dialysate without heparin, the patient typically required one or two dialyzers per treatment due to clotting. With citrate dialysate, we not only completed treatments without clotting, the patient is now averaging three reuses from one dialyzer."                                     
 ... Larry Hart, Certified Hemodialysis Technician, Director of Technical Services, Renal Care Center, San Luis Obispo, CA
"Citrasate concentrate is a very cost-effective answer to providing better dialysis to patients with bleeding or clotting problems.".. Dr. Suhail
Nephrologist and Medical Director, Scribner Kidney Center, Seattle, WA


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