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  • Product Name Hospital Information Management System
  • Brand Name Evolve Hospital+
  • Company Evolve Verticals Pvt Ltd
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Evolve offers a comprehensive Hospital Information Management Software – 'Evolve Hospital+' to address the unique requirements and critical challenges of healthcare market space. We are committed to working with you to make your business more successful. Thank you for your continued support. Evolve Hospital+ is designed to provide an end-to-end solution to all your hospital management needs right from Patient Care to Back-office operations besides numerous HIS reports and Analytical dashboards. It is a fully integrated solution, especially developed to streamline your practice, promote paperless operations and to ensure effortless processes & exchange of Information across departments. Aspiring to become one of the best Hospital Management software, Evolve Hospital+ is developed on latest cutting edge technology and equipped with comprehensive modules and functionality to provide specialised solution to hospital management operations. Evolve Hospital+ caters to Financial, Clinical and Administrative needs, aids implementation of business intelligence, streamlines Clinical and Administrative processes, simplifies billing, promotes real-time insurance claim adjustments and provides panoramic view of each department in the hospital. In Short, it is complete hospital management software that is highly flexible, scalable and customisable solution to cater to unique needs of every hospital. Evolve Hospital+ is best suited for small, medium and large sized hospitals with 5 to 500 bed capacity.


  • Comprises of comprehensive modules/ features and industryspecific work flows for better suitability, quick implementation & faster ROI.

  • Provides seamless integration of processes / information across different departments.

  • Fully integrated solution with exclusive handling of Appointments, Patient Management, Billing, Patient Medical Records, and Accounting & Inventory in a single software, thereby eliminating the need for multiple systems for maintaining Accounts, Inventory, billing and Patient records etc.

  • Provides real-time Doctor/Bed Availability & Occupancy Charts for seamless operations.

  • Provides predefined templates for Admission notes / Operation Notes / Discharge Report / Test Reports and Patient records.

  • Provides numerous Hospital Information System Reports (HIS) for in-depth analysis.

  • Allows generation of Discharge Summary & Investigation Reports as per your working style or practice.

  • Provides facility to prepare Letters & Certificates

  • Provides SMS capability (for Appointments, Reminders & Reservation) Allows seamless integration with the existing
    system to deliver enhanced inter-operability and improved regulatory compliance.

  • Developed through Modular Programming Approach, that can be independently operated or integrated with ease into your existing solution.

  • Designed to suit Hospitals of any size right from 5 to 500 bed capacity.

  • Allows interfacing with any system(s) to import required information.

  • Supports Multi-User environment and LAN compatible

  • Comprises of Built-in data backup and restore facility

  • Compatible with Windows XP and higher versions

Benefits & Advantages

  • Robust system to effortlessly manage paperless operations

  • Seamless integration of standalone modules into a comprehensive solution

  • Work-flow driven processes to provide enhanced productivity and efficiency

  • Use of cutting-edge technologies to help businesses improve operational excellence

  • Desktop Solution for greater security and accessibility

  • Adherence to Global healthcare ERP standards


  • Interactive design for seamless navigation & usability

  • Comprehensive In-Patient & Out-Patient Modules

  • Dedicated as well as Centralised Billing facility

  • User-friendly menu operations for effective administration

  • End-to-end work flow driven processes for enhanced Patient Management

  • Integrated solution with core Modules for paperless operations

  • Exhaustive & Accurate HIS Reports

  • Real-time & Instant Analytical Dashboards

  • Predefined Medical Record Templates

  • SMS Alerts and Reminders

  • Quick Implementation & Faster ROI

Evolve Hospital+ Comprises of the following Comprehensive Modules

  • Reception and Appointment Scheduling Module

  • Out-Patient Management Module

  • In-patient Management Module

  • Laboratory & Investigations Management Module

  • Billing (Centralised & Dedicated) Module

  • Operation Theatre Management Module

  • Pharmacy Management Module

  • Stores and Purchases Management Module

  • Electronic Health Records Module (EHR)

  • Financial Accounting Module

  • Inventory Management Module

  • SMS Management Module

  • Security and Administration Module

  • HIS and Analytical Reports Module

  • Electronic Medical Records Module (EMR)

  • Business Intelligence Tools & Analytics Module


Add-On Module

  • Queue Management Module

  • Insurance Claims Management Module

  • Payroll Management Module

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