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our range of products that include line-interactive ups provides uninterrupted power to loads & guarantees complete protection of data & equipments. the product is indigenously designed by our qualified engineers according to the indian power conditions. our product has been evaluated and is recommended by leading consultants, medical experts & engineers. our manufacturing process and quality standards ensures high quality products. specially designed ultra fast change over circuit avoids re - booting even on erratic power fluctuations. highly rugged & fool - proof design tried & tested from past 8 years by our esteemed customers, has given our company a different outlook in the industry. most of the malfunctions in electronic equipments & circuits are directly attributed to power variations such as fluctuations, surges, spikes, transients, rfi, interruptions, brown-outs, block-outs & emi. care has been taken into designing to prevent the above-mentioned malfunctions.


Spike suppression, EMI, RFI, battery low, over voltage / under voltage cutoff, over charge, short circuit & overload.


UPS on AC Mains, UPS on battery, output overload, low battery

Audible Annunciations

Mains fail, battery low.

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