Nafacare RxEMR

General Information


Nafacare RxEMR adapts to your requirement without any change in the existing workflow. Patient gets paper prescription, doctors also have their records as EMR's of the prescription without scanner or copier. It happens in real time with our advanced technology.

Nafacare Products Family

  • Nafacare Outpatient Management
  • Nafacare Inpatient Management
  • Nafacare Laboratory Management
  • Nafacare Pharmacy Management
  • Nafacare Stores Management
  • Nafacare Opticals Management
  • Nafacare Queue Display Management

Add on Features

  • SMS facility
  • Custom Templates
  • Online Appointment scheduling
  • Multi Server Configursation
  • PACS server
  • Camera Integration facility

Nafacare RxEMR has four variants

  Suitable for single physician
  Suitable for clinic with reception
  Suitable for polyclinic and small nursing homes / hospitals
  Suitable for nursing homes / hospital

Patient info management, Electronic patient record management, patient discharge, knowledge management, laboratory management, pharmacy management, front office management, appointment, billing etc.,..

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