External Counter pulsation Treatment

General Information


ecp is a non-surgical, mechanical procedure to reduce the symptoms ofangina pectoris by increasing blood flow to the heart. the beneficial effect of ecp persists even after completion of the therapy.

Mechanism of ECP

In the beginning of the treatment the patient is in the comfortable supine position in the treatment bed. Then series of compressive cuffs wrapped around the patient’s calves, lower thighs and upper thighs. Inflation and deflation of the cuffs are modulated by events in the cardiac cycle via computer-integrated ECG signal. During diastole, when heart is receiving the oxygenated blood the cuffs inflate SEQUENTIALLY from the calves proximally, resulting in augmented diastolic central aortic pressure and increased coronary perfusion pressure. Compression of the vascular bed of the legs also increases venous return and cardiac output. Rapid and simultaneous decompression of the cuffs at the onset of systole permits systolic unloading and decreased cardiac workload. In the treatment regimen established to date, patients are treated with SECP 60 minutes daily for a total of 35 days. At the start of treatment, external compression is progressively increased, as needed, to raise diastolic pressures gradually. Finger plethysmography is used to monitor correct timings.

working of ECP Treatment

ECP Treatment increases the blood flow to heart muscles. The increase in blood flow to the area of heart muscle not receiving enough blood supply is achieved by two means by ECP treatment. Forming new vessels around the blocked artery. Because of increase blood flow and pressure during ECP there is high pressure in open Coronary arteries and lower pressure in closed arteries. Blood finds its way to the low-pressure zone or area, which has decreased blood supply by opening the collaterals. These collaterals eventually become permanent.

The main technical specifications of the SECP

In ECP treatment, automatic display the height ratio and area ratio between ballistic wave and augmentation. SpO2 is taken by fingertip Oximeter probe. Two settings for counter-pulsation ratio: 1:1 and 1:2. In case of premature pulsation or delayed deflation, QRS wave triggers deflation automatically. Data base stores the patient’s information. Digital filtering restrains the sine 50 Hz interference signals from EC input. With electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), All screen waves and data printing function, Pressure shows in column (mmHg) and figures, Automatically stop of the pump and deflation occurs when treatment is completed. No patient’s EC signals, the pump is locked and analog signal cannot trigger the pump. The time-meter mounted accumulated the ECPT time (10,000 hours), German Becker pump, noise< 65dB.

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