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SLT wire offers properties unique from other spooled wire by providing straightness directly off the spool with a deviation of less than 0.020" in 12" (0.5mm in 300mm). Due to the straightness of the wire, only negligible whip is experienced in the distal end when torque is applied to the proximal end. SLT wire also offers the ease of grinding to very small diameters, depending on the type of grinding processes used.

SLT Standard Wire

SLT Standard wire is supplied as straight wire on a spool or cut to length. This wire is suitable for shallow profile grinding without any heat treatment (e.g. for spring guidewire cores). Using SLT Standard wire eliminates the problems commonly associated with straightening and handling ultrafine wires. Fine Diameter SLT Standard wire is particularly suitable for micro needle applications and surgical staples. SLT Standard wire is available in diameters from 0.002” to 0.035”.

SLT Ultrafine Grind Wire

SLT Ultrafine Grind wire, with excellent 1:1 torque response, is designed for PTCA and neurovascular guidewires. SLT Ultrafine Grind wire is designed for deep taper grinding (e.g. a 0.014”) and can be transition taper ground to 0.002” without heat treatment. Mechanical properties are optimized to achieve the desired stiffness, kink resistance and steerability. SLT Ultrafine Grind wire is sold in cut lengths only.


Fort Wayne Metals manufactures SLT wire for many different situations where straightened wire was previously used.  Applications include spring guidwire cores, stylets, PTFE coated guidweires and mandrels, suture needles and continuous forming operations such as embolic protection devices.

Available Alloys

Fort Wayne Metals offers various types of medical grade wire that can be transformed into SLT wire. Our engineering staff can assist you in determining which alloy best suits your application. SLT wire can be produced from the following alloys:
- 304V - 304LV
- 302 - 301
- 35N LT - 316LVM
- FWM 1058 - Titanium
- certain DFT configurations

Size Availability

Fort Wayne Metals offers SLT wire in a variety of diameters from 0.003" to approximately 0.035". More diameter options may be available. Please contact your customer service associate for more information.


Fort Wayne Metals can supply SLT wire with PTFE dispersion coatings for increased lubricity, for example for interventional guidewires. We also offer a range of biocompatible coatings that can be over extruded onto the SLT wire, such as ETFE / PFA.

Shelf Life

To ensure that SLT wire does not deform in long term storage, we recommend that the spool hub diameter is at least 500 times the wire diameter. Under these  conditions no evidence of change in mechanical properties or straightness has been observed over a four year test period.

Temper Condition

SLT wire can also be produced in the temper conditions listed below. Please note that all conditions may not be available at certain diameters – contact your customers service associate for details.
Temper Conditions:
- 3/4 Hard
- Full Hard
- Spring
- Double Spring
- Ultra Spring
- Hyten

Packaging Options

Fort Wayne Metals offers several different packaging options for SLT wire. Our packaging ensures that the quality of our wire is protected while en route to our customers. Depending on the diameter size of the SLT wire, certain spools may be more beneficial than others. Please ask Fort Wayne Metals technical staff for recommendations. Below is a list of a few of the spool types offered for SLT wire and the corresponding recommended wire sizes.

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