Yourlase C60 - 940nm

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This equipment is a medical Laser which is going to be used for treatment of complicated monochorionic twins before they are born. Twin pregnancies are of two types: Non —identical twins (dizygotic twins, Dichorionic twins and Identical twins occur because of fertilization of one ovum and splitting thereafter. These are also called monozygotic twins. In these twins there is only one placenta supplying blood and nutrition to both babies.

Moreover, all monochorionic twins (twins with a single placenta) have blood vessels which communicate with each other. This means blood from one baby will enter the circulation of the other baby and then return back via other blood vessels which are in the surface of the placenta. In about 5-15 % of the monochorionic twins, there is an abnormal blood flow in one direction only, which results in one baby becoming anemic and the other baby getting excess of blood. If untreated, all these babies will die due to complications and premature delivery. This condition is called "Twin-Twin Transfusion syndrome".

At present, the best method of treatment available is to use a "fetoscope" and enter the womb and actually look at the placenta and the blood vessels. Once the vessels are identified, Using "LASER" equipment, the laser energy is directed at these blood vessels which help to coagulate the blood vessels, resulting in occlusion of the vessels. This will help to prevent blood from going from one baby to another and help both babies to grow well. The procedure has a 60% success rate for saving the life of at least one baby.

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